New Blog…



Well, for the first time ever, I had to make a new blog. Let me clarify a bit: It’s not the first time I’ve EVER made a new blog, it’s the first time I’ve HAD to make a new blog. The story involved is long, arduous and, honestly, I don’t feel like regaling it again. If you really want to know, I’ll drop bits and pieces probably. I spent the last two years in Australia, and the people with whom I was forced to associate (another huge section of the long fiasco-esque story) were two faced bastards. I wrote some things about them on my old blogger account, they found it (through my email, then lied to me saying that one of their friends found it in a google search), mass hysteria, lying, hating, life-ruining ensued. So I had to give up that blog. I put four goddamned years into that blog! I was proud of that goddamned blog! I hate them for ruining that for me!


But anyway, here I am at my new place! As you can see, I’m getting myself situated nicely, with a few more things to move in here.


I think I’ll like it here. I think this will do JUST fine.