Going to the free clinic tomorrow…

I have no idea what it is, but for the last week, I’ve had a pain in my right side between the bottom of my ribs to just on the inside of my pelvic bone. In the last couple of days, it’s gotten worse. It started as just a slight pain near my pelvis, but yesterday and today it has grown to the size it is now.

Honestly, I’m terrified of what it might be. If it’s my appendix and I need an appendectomy, I have no way I’d be able to pay for it, because I don’t yet have a job. I went onto WebMD, and went to the symptom checker, put in everything and it cam up with diverticulitis, gastritis, gallstones and gas pains as the topmost possibilities. I know it isn’t gas pain, because I’ve had gas pains, and these aren’t it. I don’t know which of the other three are more likely, but none of them are very pleasant. Gastritis seems mildly likely, because I’ve been taking Aleve (naproxen) for my costochondritis, and one of the causes listed for gastritis is taking NSAID’s, such as aleve. Unfortunately, it also states that more often than not, the pain from gastritis is on the LEFT side, not the RIGHT, where mine is.

Another thing that frustrates me about all three of those options is that all of them state that a fever is usually present, and I don’t have a fever at all. I feel like shit, but I don’t have a fever.

Another thing that didn’t show up in the top four was gastroenteritis, which is just a stomach flu, which can cause the stomach/intestinal lining to become inflamed. I’m really hoping it’s just that, because Bryan, Kendall and our friend Jake were all sick very recently. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling all of what they felt when they were sick, so I’m not sure if it’s that or something else. I can always hope that it’s just that and nothing more, though.

I’m honestly terrified of what it might be. I can’t afford a trip to the hospital again, especially since I still owe them almost 20 grand for sticking their thumbs up their asses and redoing all of the tests I refused, with Kendall there as my witness. I can’t afford a trip for them to tell me I just have a stomach bug that isn’t acting the way stomach bugs usually do, and if it IS my appendix, I can’t afford the surgery I would need for it.

Seriously, I’m fucking terrified. I’m scared and all I can do is hope and pray that the free clinic can help me.


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