Well, I stumbled into something yesterday. A lot of somethings in fact. Those somethings being viruses. About a hundred of them.

I’ve officially lost all of my custom VSTi settings and patch sets. I’ve lost a few of my songs which I’ve been slaving over. I’ve lost my patience with reinstalling programs and, more importantly, StumbleUpon has lost a customer, because before I hit that button, I was virus free.

So the hundred or so viruses get onto my computer, disable the anti virus programs I had – all of them – and prevent me from doing a system restore. I tried to save my work, I really did, but since everything attacked at once, the computer was freezing up constantly, so I couldn’t grab anything.

So I reformatted and lost a few days worth of work, weeks worth of work on patch sets, MANY programs set to so many specifications that it will probably take me until the next format to get back to how I like/need it.

Also, I was avoiding the update to Firefox 5, because I finally got all of the plugins and addons exactly how I wanted them. Now that it has updated, I no longer have half of my plugins/addons.

Here’s to the creators of those viruses getting tuberculosis!



One response to “Virus’d

  1. Install the “Add-on Compatibility Reporter” add-on. I’ve been using it a long time (ever since add-ons started choking on FF4), and I have been running the v5 betas as long as they’ve been available. Most add-ons will function using this workaround. In fact, all of the add-ons that I care about work fine.

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