How We Believe In…

...All The Monuments Built By Thieves
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I drew something! I was at a cafe yesterday, reading a Werewolf: the Apocalypse book and listening to The Human Abstract when suddenly, an image appeared in my mind. I grabbed my sketchbook, realized I was sweating balls, and moved to another table where there was more of a breeze. I then realized as I picked up my pencil that the wind was at my back, so my bandana was flying everywhere, but I was still sweating balls. I moved to the other side of the table and realized I was out of coffee. So I got more. THEN I SAT DOWN AGAIN TO DRAW – And the picture had not yet left my mind!

So I drew! And draw with fury I did! Never before have I been able to pull off any kind of speed-painting technique, but I drew the entirety of the picture in about fifteen or twenty minutes!

Damned proud of this picture am I!

Also, please don’t say smudging is bad because you don’t learn anything. I learned how to shade from smudging and I can do it just fine.


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