Classical Music

A good number of people have asked me why I think classical and baroque music is superior to modern music today, more specifically pop, techno, electronica, dubstep and the like. The reason I believe this is so is a very simple reason, yet it holds more water to me than any reasoning anyone can give as to why it’s not: In 100 years, who will remember any musical acts of today, and who will still remember Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart?

Continuing along those lines, metal music, with its virtuosity, is the closest musical descendent of classical and baroque, especially progressive metal. How many pop/techno/electronica songs do you hear using any other scale than the pentatonic major scale? Looking at metal, you’ll find that the pentatonic scales are the minority. You’ll find lydian, phrygian, harmonic minors, melodic minors, ionian, dorian, mixolydian and countless others in the majority. It’s the same thing with classical music.

Looking again at pop music (and the rest previously mentioned), think of a really good pop song from ten years ago. Now twenty. Now thirty. It gets so much harder the longer you go back. I can’t even think of a pop song from ten to twenty years ago, and I used to listen to pop music back then. Now do that with rock. You can go back almost a hundred years before it starts getting difficult. Why is that? Because it’s so closely tied to classical music. You remember that music because it’s a bit different in the musical notation. You don’t have to know or understand anything about music to know that the sound of a melodic and harmonic minor scale can stir feelings in you that you didn’t know music could, but you will remember that it did.

That’s why I believe classical music is superior to modern music. That’s why I believe the descendents of classical music are superior to a good amount of modern music. I won’t say all music, because flamenco guitarists blow my mind every time I see them play, but look at that: they also play a descendent of classical music.


One response to “Classical Music

  1. I totally agree with you. I have said that there is no new music, there is only a different arrangement or beat. I love Classical music especially Baroque. I took piano lessons as a child and can still read music. I have now applied this to playing my dulcimer although most of the time I play my own creations and some old hymnals. I have decided that music is one of the most important things in my life. It has always been there for me in my good and bad times. As a result all of my children love music too and listen to a large variety. My son plays the guitar a little and is still learning by teaching himself. There will always be new songs but it will still be using the same notes, etc as it always has been.

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