Tight Music and It Being a Bad Thing

So the other day, someone said my music was too perfect. The guitars were too precise, the drums too tight, the other instruments too accurate, and just all around too well done. They stated this as the reason they didn’t like my music. Now, this confuses me…Isn’t that the point of music when it’s recorded? For it to be as close to perfect as possible? They were talking specifically about this song right here. Now, this song, I wrote it four days ago and recorded it two days ago. That’s quite impressive to write and record something and make it that tight in only two days. Not to mention that the day I wrote it, I ended up going out with some friends early in the day and not getting home until very early the next morning. I slept for four hours, woke up and recorded the song, mixed and mastered in five hours. Think of what I could do with an entire day to just mess around with one song instead of doing a rushed job like on that song?

So I’m still confused as to why it would be a bad thing for my music to sound professionally done. Jealousy is an angry and unforgiving beast, but there’s at least reason enough in it’s mind to let us understand why it’s there.


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