I write like…


I write like
William Shakespeare

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!


I tried this a long time ago (a few years, if I remember correctly). The last time I did this, it said that I write like Shakespeare, Dan Brown and Stephen King. It may have been from another website, because this one lists only one name at a time, but I’m still getting the same answers nonetheless. I got King once, Brown twice and Shakespeare EIGHT times. I wanted a thorough test, so I tested eleven different segments of my book, Family Values.

I’m damned proud of what I’ve written so far in this book of mine. I’m 126 pages into it, with a wordcount of 43,838. The story is about a group of demons and their trials and tribulations on earth. Trials along the lines of discrimination by humans, kidnappings, and MANY other things.

If you’re interested, this was the last section I tested, which gave me another Shakespearean badge:
Jack smiled again and said, “Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? What does Treachery have to lose if the ultimate act of treachery is committed?” He dropped his smile and a seething scowl replaced it. “I lose what is rightfully mine! The realm of treachery is rightfully mine, because I am Treachery itself! The task with which the gods themselves charged me at the beginning of time is the exact opposite of Pandora’s jar. While the jar unleashed anger, hatred, disease, what have you, the last remainder inside the jar was hope. My task is to grant hope, happiness and success. When the person is finally where they want to be…I destroy everything in one fell swoop.”
Frўdæ looked between his father and the monstrous creature, confused.
“What kind of god would charge anyone or…anything, as the case seems to be, with such an act?”
“Why, yours, of course!” He stood up and started pacing around the living room. “The gods deemed that for every action, there needs to be an equal, but opposite reaction, something Newton discovered, but applied to physics. Even though he was correct in his application, he didn’t know that the same law applies to everything, including spirituality, gods, and literally everything else. Thus, my friends, the moment Pandora allowed her curiosity to get the better of her, I was born.” He stopped pacing and faced the two of them with his hands spread wide and his wicked grin playing across his face again. His smile faltered and he began to slowly pace again. “Unfortunately, my one and only rule is that I cannot lie to the subjects whom I choose to help. In your case, this is actually very fortunate, because this means that when I tell you that I have no intention whatsoever to destroy your hopes and dreams of returning your loved one home…I am telling that absolute truth.”
Frўdæ raised his hand to stop him. “Wait a minute…if you were charged to destroy the hope and all that once it’s been built, how can you tell us that you won’t do it to us, too?”
Arodin stopped pacing again and said, “I can assure you, because I choose who I help. I choose what happens to them. There has been only one other person who I did not destroy afterward, and there were no consequences. If I say that I will not demolish your task once finished, I mean it with all sincerity.”
He walked over the Frўdæ and Kazbyron and placed a hand on each ones shoulder. “I must warn you, my friends,” he said gently, “Time is strange between Hell and earth. Yes, Frўdæ, I left that message in place of your cigarettes, which I have in my bag, if you want them back. By time is strange, I mean that while it has been little over a month since Lukiber has been gone, years may have passed for him. If the nine lords have done as they planned, he will not be the same person you remember him being. From the moment he left with Léviatān, he became someone…something completely different than you remember. You will have to remind him of who he is which I can assure you will feel next to impossible when you try to do so.”

Also, if anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the book so far and giving me some feedback and opinions, leave a comment or email me at demonwolf_87@yahoo.com


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