Well, I stumbled into something yesterday. A lot of somethings in fact. Those somethings being viruses. About a hundred of them.

I’ve officially lost all of my custom VSTi settings and patch sets. I’ve lost a few of my songs which I’ve been slaving over. I’ve lost my patience with reinstalling programs and, more importantly, StumbleUpon has lost a customer, because before I hit that button, I was virus free.

So the hundred or so viruses get onto my computer, disable the anti virus programs I had – all of them – and prevent me from doing a system restore. I tried to save my work, I really did, but since everything attacked at once, the computer was freezing up constantly, so I couldn’t grab anything.

So I reformatted and lost a few days worth of work, weeks worth of work on patch sets, MANY programs set to so many specifications that it will probably take me until the next format to get back to how I like/need it.

Also, I was avoiding the update to Firefox 5, because I finally got all of the plugins and addons exactly how I wanted them. Now that it has updated, I no longer have half of my plugins/addons.

Here’s to the creators of those viruses getting tuberculosis!



How We Believe In…

...All The Monuments Built By Thieves
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I drew something! I was at a cafe yesterday, reading a Werewolf: the Apocalypse book and listening to The Human Abstract when suddenly, an image appeared in my mind. I grabbed my sketchbook, realized I was sweating balls, and moved to another table where there was more of a breeze. I then realized as I picked up my pencil that the wind was at my back, so my bandana was flying everywhere, but I was still sweating balls. I moved to the other side of the table and realized I was out of coffee. So I got more. THEN I SAT DOWN AGAIN TO DRAW – And the picture had not yet left my mind!

So I drew! And draw with fury I did! Never before have I been able to pull off any kind of speed-painting technique, but I drew the entirety of the picture in about fifteen or twenty minutes!

Damned proud of this picture am I!

Also, please don’t say smudging is bad because you don’t learn anything. I learned how to shade from smudging and I can do it just fine.

Classical Music

A good number of people have asked me why I think classical and baroque music is superior to modern music today, more specifically pop, techno, electronica, dubstep and the like. The reason I believe this is so is a very simple reason, yet it holds more water to me than any reasoning anyone can give as to why it’s not: In 100 years, who will remember any musical acts of today, and who will still remember Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart?

Continuing along those lines, metal music, with its virtuosity, is the closest musical descendent of classical and baroque, especially progressive metal. How many pop/techno/electronica songs do you hear using any other scale than the pentatonic major scale? Looking at metal, you’ll find that the pentatonic scales are the minority. You’ll find lydian, phrygian, harmonic minors, melodic minors, ionian, dorian, mixolydian and countless others in the majority. It’s the same thing with classical music.

Looking again at pop music (and the rest previously mentioned), think of a really good pop song from ten years ago. Now twenty. Now thirty. It gets so much harder the longer you go back. I can’t even think of a pop song from ten to twenty years ago, and I used to listen to pop music back then. Now do that with rock. You can go back almost a hundred years before it starts getting difficult. Why is that? Because it’s so closely tied to classical music. You remember that music because it’s a bit different in the musical notation. You don’t have to know or understand anything about music to know that the sound of a melodic and harmonic minor scale can stir feelings in you that you didn’t know music could, but you will remember that it did.

That’s why I believe classical music is superior to modern music. That’s why I believe the descendents of classical music are superior to a good amount of modern music. I won’t say all music, because flamenco guitarists blow my mind every time I see them play, but look at that: they also play a descendent of classical music.

Tight Music and It Being a Bad Thing

So the other day, someone said my music was too perfect. The guitars were too precise, the drums too tight, the other instruments too accurate, and just all around too well done. They stated this as the reason they didn’t like my music. Now, this confuses me…Isn’t that the point of music when it’s recorded? For it to be as close to perfect as possible? They were talking specifically about this song right here. Now, this song, I wrote it four days ago and recorded it two days ago. That’s quite impressive to write and record something and make it that tight in only two days. Not to mention that the day I wrote it, I ended up going out with some friends early in the day and not getting home until very early the next morning. I slept for four hours, woke up and recorded the song, mixed and mastered in five hours. Think of what I could do with an entire day to just mess around with one song instead of doing a rushed job like on that song?

So I’m still confused as to why it would be a bad thing for my music to sound professionally done. Jealousy is an angry and unforgiving beast, but there’s at least reason enough in it’s mind to let us understand why it’s there.

I write like…


I write like
William Shakespeare

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I tried this a long time ago (a few years, if I remember correctly). The last time I did this, it said that I write like Shakespeare, Dan Brown and Stephen King. It may have been from another website, because this one lists only one name at a time, but I’m still getting the same answers nonetheless. I got King once, Brown twice and Shakespeare EIGHT times. I wanted a thorough test, so I tested eleven different segments of my book, Family Values.

I’m damned proud of what I’ve written so far in this book of mine. I’m 126 pages into it, with a wordcount of 43,838. The story is about a group of demons and their trials and tribulations on earth. Trials along the lines of discrimination by humans, kidnappings, and MANY other things.

If you’re interested, this was the last section I tested, which gave me another Shakespearean badge:
Jack smiled again and said, “Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? What does Treachery have to lose if the ultimate act of treachery is committed?” He dropped his smile and a seething scowl replaced it. “I lose what is rightfully mine! The realm of treachery is rightfully mine, because I am Treachery itself! The task with which the gods themselves charged me at the beginning of time is the exact opposite of Pandora’s jar. While the jar unleashed anger, hatred, disease, what have you, the last remainder inside the jar was hope. My task is to grant hope, happiness and success. When the person is finally where they want to be…I destroy everything in one fell swoop.”
Frўdæ looked between his father and the monstrous creature, confused.
“What kind of god would charge anyone or…anything, as the case seems to be, with such an act?”
“Why, yours, of course!” He stood up and started pacing around the living room. “The gods deemed that for every action, there needs to be an equal, but opposite reaction, something Newton discovered, but applied to physics. Even though he was correct in his application, he didn’t know that the same law applies to everything, including spirituality, gods, and literally everything else. Thus, my friends, the moment Pandora allowed her curiosity to get the better of her, I was born.” He stopped pacing and faced the two of them with his hands spread wide and his wicked grin playing across his face again. His smile faltered and he began to slowly pace again. “Unfortunately, my one and only rule is that I cannot lie to the subjects whom I choose to help. In your case, this is actually very fortunate, because this means that when I tell you that I have no intention whatsoever to destroy your hopes and dreams of returning your loved one home…I am telling that absolute truth.”
Frўdæ raised his hand to stop him. “Wait a minute…if you were charged to destroy the hope and all that once it’s been built, how can you tell us that you won’t do it to us, too?”
Arodin stopped pacing again and said, “I can assure you, because I choose who I help. I choose what happens to them. There has been only one other person who I did not destroy afterward, and there were no consequences. If I say that I will not demolish your task once finished, I mean it with all sincerity.”
He walked over the Frўdæ and Kazbyron and placed a hand on each ones shoulder. “I must warn you, my friends,” he said gently, “Time is strange between Hell and earth. Yes, Frўdæ, I left that message in place of your cigarettes, which I have in my bag, if you want them back. By time is strange, I mean that while it has been little over a month since Lukiber has been gone, years may have passed for him. If the nine lords have done as they planned, he will not be the same person you remember him being. From the moment he left with Léviatān, he became someone…something completely different than you remember. You will have to remind him of who he is which I can assure you will feel next to impossible when you try to do so.”

Also, if anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the book so far and giving me some feedback and opinions, leave a comment or email me at

Online Job Hunting

So, I recently returned to Teh Staets after a year and a half in in Australia. Upon returning, I did what most people do when they don’t have jobs; I went job-hunting. While I was out doing so, I was on my bike for a good couple of hours looking like a butler who was going to a funeral, I realized that almost every single place is now only doing applications online and not paper applications in the store. Wtf is up with that, homie? It’s all so impersonal now! I mean, yeah, it sucked having to go out walking or riding my bike to look for jobs, but it was more personal to go into the store and talk to a manager. I have no idea what I’m doing now! I put in my application online and…do what? Wait? I don’t know if I should go to the Starbucks down the road and rock up to the counter, say, “Hey, I put in an application online!” Would they have my application? If not, would I have to deal with standing there, looking like an idiot? If they didn’t have it, would they look it up?

Another thing that’s really irking me is that I can apply for specific locations, instead of just kind of throwing my resume into the wind and hoping someone likes it. Now, that sounds like a good thing, right? Well, not really. Especially not really when I know of a place that’s hiring, like the Office Depot down the road, but that store is not listed on the website in the “Now Hiring” section, and that store is another one which takes ONLY online applications. What the hell is going on with these places? What happened to paper applications? I used to be amazing at that! I would get dressed up (usually looking like a butler attending a funeral), carry my resumes in a nifty carry bag, have extra pens and BASICALLY look/act like I was perfect for any job they wanted to throw at me, which is exactly how one should look/act.

Now, I can understand the want for online applications, because there’s less resources used (paper, oh my goodness), less real work involved for the people reading the applications (no sifting through stacks of paper), less of a chance of people hiring their friends, the list goes on and on. I’m just downright PISSED OFF, because I leave the country for a year and a half and when I get back, I immediately start seeing things that made me really excited to leave in the first place. What is so terrible about utilizing both online and paper applications? What if someone who desperately needs a job doesn’t have constant access to the internet? That’s not much of a reach, either, because I didn’t have proper internet almost the entire time I was in Australia! I had to use a phone for everything!

Is it possible for places to utilize both? If not, WHY NOT?

Werewolf Movies and Why They Piss Me Off

I have always ALWAYS loved werewolves. I draw them all the time, and I’m even writing a book about demons who look like This guy right here: (Self-plug ftw!) So when I see a movie where there’s a werewolf and everyone HATES it and wants to destroy it, I get a little bit irked. I don’t know of anyone in real life who would hate the werewolf! EVERYONE I know would be all like, “Oh my god! It’s a werewolf! BITE ME!” and whatnot.

So why, in all of these movies do all of these people HATE the werewolves? And are there any good werewolf movies where anyone actually WANTS to be a werewolf?