Lute-Guitar and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Ok, so I’m looking for any articles explaining how to build a lute-guitar. If you look it up, you can see that it’s essentially a cross between a lute and a regular acoustic guitar. I want one really badly. If anyone can find an article explaining IN DETAIL how to make one of these, please direct me to it!

In other news, it’s totally Christmas in Australia! Kendall got me that Darksiders game for the PC and I’m installing it now, even though I’ll be going to bed before too long. Excited puppy is excited.

I want everyone to take time today for your friends and family. Today is a holiday of love and peace, at least it’s supposed to be, but we all seem to lose sight of that in light of greed. So, take time to tell your friends and family that you love them, take a moment away from phones, computers, games, and anything else that can distract you from what truly matters this holiday season. On top of everything else, take care of yourselves. I’ve heard too many stories of things happening to people because of plain negligence in this holiday season and so many unfortunate happenings taking place for the same reasons. So, take care of yourselves and your friends and your families this holiday season and make sure you count your blessings because there are lot of people that don’t have as much as you. I know that’s a guilt trip statement, but I live in a caravan and can’t afford anything more for Christmas dinner than pasta and powdered seasoning, but I am thankful fir even that. There was once a time when I had less even than that, so I am thankful and happy for what I’ve got.

Take care, and stay safe.