2012 and all it’s BUNK.

so, being a man of science (or so I’d like to think), I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the scienific side of 2012. After reading all of these article, I have to say, all of these theories are complete bunk. The mayan long count calendar is based on five digits, starting at and ending at Now, this long count calendar is based on segments of 5125 years, gregorian count, these 5125 years being, or one “b’ak’tun”. December 21st of 2012 is nothing more than the end of the 12th b’ak’tun and the 22nd is just the beginning of the next b’ak’tun, simply written as Congratulations, happy new b’ak’tun! Get the Martinis and kisses ready!

Now, some of these theories are a bit…insane. There are countless theories about countless different topics, and all of theme, if we had no real science or intelligence could be considered plausible, but considering we have science and at least some of us have at least a little bit of intelligence, these theories are not plausible in any way. For example, there’s the Nibiru/Planet X, the mysterious planet/black hole hiding exactly on the other side of the sun that will come out of hiding and collide with earth on the prophesied day. Much wtf, indeed. Another theory being that the planets will align and something or other will happen, causing the world to go through an immediate polar shift and bad things happen, we all die. The only thing that could affect the poles of the earth is the earth itself. Yes, the poles are gradually switching. No, that wouldn’t have that drastic of an effect, considering it takes about 5,000 YEARS TO TAKE PLACE. No, the equator isn’t going to change, the equator has nothing really to do with the poles. It just…well, is. It’s an imaginary line around the center of the planet. Now, does anyone remember the 5/5/05 planetary alignment? No? That’s probably because it DIDN’T HAPPEN. The same thing that was supposed to happen then is supposed to happen in 2012. There was another one that was supposed to happen in 2003, but when it didn’t happen, the date was changed to 2012 because people were already talking about it, and yet, people still followed these sensationalists. Why? Who knows.

Other theories are about such things as Obama being the antichrist and whatnot. Idiotic at best and not worthy of mention here or anywhere else.

Anyways, I’ve got to go out and pick up tobacco stuffs and exercise, so I’m going to cut this off with one short message:

Happy New Year!

Mayan style!


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