Click…click…click…click track…click…

I’m having to make click tracks for all of my songs. Not fun. Especially not when the computer slows down to an absolute crawl trying to keep up with all of my MIDI tracks going at once. All of my songs as of late have a constant instrument set: clean left, clean right, keyboard, keyboard lead, guitar lead, distorted left, distorted right, bass, drums. If you don’t feel like counting, that’s nine tracks going. Most songs, however have more tracks in them, such as, distorted center, clean center, keyboard extras 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4. That would make fifteen tracks. Most MIDI programs allow only 16 channels to be used at once, so I’m just shy of maximum trackage. Craawwwling computer is craawwwling. On another musical note (ha, I’m clever), I’m going to be doing a special edition of MiseryFields with a second disc of cover songs, such as Master of Puppets from Metallica, Endless Sacrifice from Dream Theater, From the Beginning from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and many others, several from relatively unknown bands. I should try doing a The Human Abstract cover…that would prove interesting, at least. On yet another musical note (clever as ever am I), I’m going to talk to Sandra this weekend and ask her if I could borrow her keyboard. I’m far too rusty for my own liking, and I’d like to actually learn and play/record these keyboard parts I’ve written for MiseryFields. Then, even thigh it would still be MIDI, it would seem a lot less like cheating for me to have them in the album.

Ok, weekend off. Going to sleep…… Zzzzz…


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