Bangers and mash?

So! Working my new job, and hating the trips there and back. My average day is 4 1/2 hours long, and I spend four hours in transit. Lovely, no? I was talking to one of my coworkers today about my daily transport and she pointed out to me that I spend only thirty minutes longer at work than I do on the trains and busses every day. It hit me a bit hard when she said that, because I hadn’t realized that before. Honestly, I don’t mind spending all that time in transit, but I hate being around the people and the dirt that cones with public transport. Seriously, what is with people doing whatever the hell they want with their trash on trains and busses? Eff that in teh a, yo. I make a point to throw out all of my trash while taking trains and busses. Anyway, watching Harry Potter Rifftrax before bed and four hour transport surrounding four hour work day tomorrow. Also, awesome note: my coworkers throw food at me to bring home for dinner every night. I smile often and eat well.


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