Going stir crazy

I’ve been going completely mad without any guitar strings. That’s the first thing that’s been bugging me. The second thing is that when I went in to my second interview last week, she told me that I’d be starting on Tuesday, which gave me an entire week to enjoy my freedom before I sell my soul to a corporate venture. Ok, it’s not that bad, but like I said, going mad. I was planning to spend the week exercising and riding my bike, but it’s been raining almost constantly since then. Thus, no bike riding, and considering all of my exercises are outdoor exercises, no exercise. That sentence contained far too much exercise. The next thing that’s absolutely killing me is that I’ll be getting a new guitar and an effect pedal soon, and not having the ability to record anything has been maddening at best. Also, again not having strings is a nightmare unto itself. Of course, if I hadn’t asked Kendall to get me the cheapest guitar in existence, I’d be done with all of the demos by now. There’s this problem with my guitar; the fret placement is ever so slightly off, getting progressively worse the farther up the neck you go. Farther? Further? Anyway, grammar aside, that means that the higher up the neck you play, the more it sounds like the strings forgot what tension means and decided to do whatever the hell they want. Thus, not even the slimmest of cracker slim chances that I would ever use that guitar for recording. It’s good enough to write with, but only because if you’re playing with no music, and doing a solo, it doesn’t sound as out of tune. Still a bit off, but nothing too serious. Play along with something, however, and you’ll start to wonder if you’re bending the neck constantly without realizing it. I should probably cut this off…this didn’t go in the direction I was expecting, but it feels good to rant occasionally.


One response to “Going stir crazy

  1. Ah yes. One of those guitars that make you remember how much to bend the string at each fret, or if you're lucky, you can apply vibrato (like a violinist) on every note. Been there. Better than no strings at all.When my Strat copy was stolen, it was missing the high E. That affected chords more than solos. After it was gone, I found a bass in a dumpster. The only problem was that the notch for the E string had popped off (something every bass player has experienced). I had that for about 6 months. Sounded awful but it was something to play.

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