That’s it; I’m going to the hospital!

Not for my health, but because I’ve been hired in the catering department! I start tomorrow!

I’m only hired as a casual employee, but it’s still a job, eh?



I know, I know, it’s been a while. Buck up and keep reading.

I was tossing up for a while what to call the next album, now that the music is all written (by the way, this means I’ve got all of the music for the album!). I started doodling the cover design and I ended up with a field of, well, misery. I drew and coloured the entire cover while listening to all of the music for the next album, and just drew whatever the music brought to my mind. When I was finished, I realized that what I drew was a Misery Field. After realizing this, I decided that it was fate for this to be the self titled album. I’m uploading the cover right now and immediately after, I’ll be uploading the epic: Damien’s Vault. It’s a long ass song, and totally worth the listen. The reason this album will be self titled is because everything that I’ve written for the album is exactly what I’ve always wanted with my music, but never thought I was capable of. Every song, every riff, every beat, everything is what I’ve always wanted to write.

I was going to have a big instrumental track, like Jeanne’s Wish and Spectral, but I haven’t been able to write anything since the last track was finished, and I’m taking that as a sign that the album is finished.

I’ve come to find that I work in a very particular order with my music, as well. I write all of the music, start the lyrics, do the cover, then finish the lyrics that I had yet to write. I’ve written most of the lyrics, finished the cover and am now working on the rest of the lyrics. Thus, the music is complete. I’m waiting for Damien’s Vault to upload now (going slowly, because it’s a very long song), and I’m hoping that everyone finds it as enjoyable as I do.

Now, enjoy the song:
And enjoy the cover art:

Well, I’ve finished writing all of the music for the next album, which be self titled. I made the album artwork today as well, but considering I’m writing this from a phone, I can’t upload it for you. The album has eleven tracks and is 1 hour and 24 minutes long. If you’re quick with math, you’d know that the average song length is a little under eight minutes long. If not, well, then each track is a little under eight minutes long.

Even though I can’t give a cover or any samples, I can give you the track listing and song length. Once I can post the cover art, I’ll be sure to do so.

1. Signing the Contract 1:08 (instrumental)
2. Watch Me 5:56 **
3. Stockholm Syndrome 5:28
4. Divine 5:21
5. The Summoning 8:43 **
6. Nightmare 5:27 **
7. Softly 6:40
8. Unraveled 9:15
9. Jeanne’s Wish 10:42 (remake from Bugs, will have lyrics this time around) **
10. Safe to Dream 4:21 **
11. Damien’s Vault 21:02 **
Pt. I – The Good Life
Pt. II – Awakening Inside the Vault
Pt. III – Flight/The Great Escape
Pt. IV – Coma/Dreams
Pt. V – The Hand of God
Pt. VI – Home

** – no lyrics yet

I was going to write an instrumental track for this one, but I haven’t been able to write anything since I finished the last song, so I may just end it there. Besides, almost an hour and a half of long ass songs is already enough, no? Also, I work in a very particular pattern. The music comes first, once the music is done, the lyrics and album artwork come out. I have lyrics for most of the songs already, and as stated, I finished the album cover today. All I have to do now is finish the lyrics and get everything actually recorded. This last step will have to wait, though, I’m afraid; I don’t have a guitar that can be used with the recordings. The fret placement is off, so no matter how much I finagle the truss rod and bridge height, I’ll never be able to play without hitting a lot of sour notes. While I do like sour candy, I do not like sour music. Also, I refuse to borrow someone elses guitar for the recording process.

Okay, well, dinner is done, so I’ll get to that. Will post updates as they come.