Murphy is an ASS.

That whole thing of “What can go wrong, will go wrong”, and, “What you think won’t happen will”?



I was supposed to be on a plane in twelve hours to get back to Oz, but Murphy is an ASS and decided to fuck things up for me, YET AGAIN. I’ve already checked out of the hostel, so I’ve been toting a freaking 10 kilo laptop on my back, as well as the power cords for said laptop, the power cords for my PSP which are for some reason as heavy as the laptop cords, three books, my tablet, two sketchbooks, a notebook, all of my important papers AND THAT’S JUST MY BACKPACK! In my LUGGAGE that I’m also toting around, I’ve got three weeks worth of clothes, hygiene supplies, sweatshirts, more paper notebook things of the writing and sketching type, and now I find out that my flight reservation couldn’t be completed as planned because Kendall’s dad didn’t want to deal with the “headache” of calling his credit card company to tell them that it was all right to make the booking! Now, I’ve got nowhere to go except back to the FUCKING SHITHOLE of a shit cocking hostel! I told Kendall that I would rather sleep at the airport, considering they wouldn’t charge me to sleep there.

Seriously, my flight being changed to one 10 hours behind schedule really fucked things up so much more than it should have. Hell, they were going to fly me out of this shithole last night, but because I didn’t have my things packed, and had no way to get to the airport, I was stuck at the hostel for one more night. I was so happy thinking that it was just one more night and then I could get back to Kendall and get a job and all that awesome stuff that I don’t feel like retyping.



I’m tired. I’m tired and I want to go the FUCK home.

On a completely different note, have something I wrote that happened to me today. It will make you think: What’s So Interesting?


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