Damnit…I met someone really cool after talking to him online after several years and I might not be able to see him again be fore I go back to Oz. That really makes me sad! When Kendall and I were moving to Oz, he was sending us messages constantly, telling us that he can’t wait to meet us. So, I finally meet him a few days after getting to NZ, and we only spend an hour and a half hanging out. Now, I’ve gotten my visa earlier than I thought I would, and that means I’m leaving early (as you’ve read, no doubt), which means tonight and tomorrow morning are the only times I’ll be able to hang out with him again. I’m sure I’ll see him again, considering I’m only a few hours flight away, but still. This kinda sucks a lot, yo.

And all this after drinking a huge and EXTREMELY STRONG coffee, to make sure that I won’t be annoyingly groggy when we hang out tonight.

Damn his job. *shakes fish^^ at his job*

Oh, blogger is giving me an error. Better post this before it turns into something drastic.

^^ – this was on purpose. It’s an inside joke on DeviantArt


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