So I just read a journal that a friend posted earlier this evening (morning for those of you in teh staets). In it, he’s talking about how pride is not a bad thing. Not just gay pride, but gender pride, racial pride, blah blah blah, ja ja ja. And while I think he put it more eloquently than I ever could, it just brings to my mind the other side of the fence.

One notation first, though. I don’t pride myself in anything that is natural about me. Do I pride myself on being gay? No. Not in the slightest. Am I ashamed? Hell, no! Am I proud of being male? Of being white? Of course not! Why would I be? Will I put up with someone telling me that I’m a horrible person because of these things that I should apparently be proud of? If that doesn’t make sense, should I put up with someone saying I’m horrible for being a white, gay male? Oh, hell, no!

What I AM proud of on the other hand are things that I have honed myself. Do I try to be more white, so I can be better at it? Do I try to be better at being gay? Do I try to be better at being male? No. I AM proud that I have been playing guitar for approaching 17 years and that I am currently writing my third album. Fuck yeah, three albums, and I’m only twenty-two! Who the fuck would NOT be proud of that?! I AM proud of the fact that I have made it around to the other side of the world in one piece and am working towards making a life for myself and the person I hope to soon be marrying. I am damned proud that he also says I’m great in bed! (Sorry, dad. Payback, I guess. ;P )

Jumping to the other side of the fence, I am mildly offended when it comes to other people showing off their pride. Yes, you can be proud of whatever you want to be proud of, but I don’t need to know that you are Puerto Rican. I don’t need to know that when you were in your sorority you slept with 158 different guys and got pregnant only four times. That’s great for you, really it is. I don’t care, though, so I don’t want it in my face. Then there are the girls with straight pride. Well, it’s not just girls, but the girls are the only ones I really have to deal with. The straight pride that I am referring to is the situation where a straight girl will be incessantly hitting on a gay male, telling him that she can turn him straight. No, bimbo. You cannot turn a gay male straight with your amazing vagina. Most gay males are gay because they in fact abhor vagina. I’ll admit it, and freely, that I think a penis is much more appealing than a vagina. That’s one of the reasons I classify myself as GAY. I’m sure lesbians have to deal with the guys that insist that they can turn them straight with their amazing penises. That’s what lesbians have dildos for, jackass.

Anyway, my main point is that while pride is great, have pride in what you’ve accomplished and don’t try to force other people into being proud of/for you as well.


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