Just an update!

Well, Windows 7 is working out fairly well. I’m still noticing new drivers that didn’t install properly in the transition from XP (like the scroll thing on my touchpad), but I’ve been downloading them as they pop up and things are generally good all over. I still need a completely up to date video card driver, and will be extremely bored until I get one, but oh, well. I re-downloaded GuitarPro5 today and shall be playing with that non-stop for the next week or so.

I’ve been writing a lot in the last few weeks and am now four chapters in to part II of my book. I killed the main antagonist while at the same time, creating one far worse than the main antagonist ever could be. No details given, but let’s just say it was inspired a bit by Dante’s Inferno. Speaking of that, I need to see if the library has that book. CONVENIENCE! I am at the library now!

Ok, going to download more drivers now. Hoping everyone is enjoying themselves (and hoping a certain someone is having fun with her dulcimer! I want one of those, damnit!)


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