Much WTF

Well, to combat the dizziness, headaches and purple knuckles, I’ve started taking a vitamin B12 supplement. It works well for everything except the purple knuckles, which are still a constant worry to me, as well as my fingernails themselves.

I’m continually doing research on the things I experience with my own health (learning a lot about other things in the process and can now tell anyone what they need more of in their diet just by listening to them talking about what they feel like). The purple fingernails and knuckles are, of course a sign of oxygen deprivation, and we all know that I’ve had these breathing issues for so long, BUT! My breathing issues are all but gone! It makes no sense! It seems to be at random times that they’ll turn a darker purple, though, which just tells me that it’s all in my head. Right now, I’m at a library, where it is fairly warm, with a nice cool breeze blowing through. My knuckles are normal, but my fingernails are a darker purple than they were 15 minutes ago! When I next go outside, my knuckles will most likely turn purple, but my nails will stay the same colour!

What gets me the most, though, is that my toenails are still their normal colour, which makes absolutely no sense, because the blood gets to the fingernail beds before the toes! If any part of my body should have discolouration from lack of oxygen, it should start with my toes! Confusion amass.

Anyways, the library is closing, so off I go.


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