Need a critique on my book!

Ok, so I’m writing a book. My followers from my previous blog have probably read the first four or so “sub-chapters” that I’ve re-written. The next fourteen were just copy-pasta’d back in, because they only needed a little bit of editing. After all of the editing and revising (I am a master of passive sentences…in both a good and bad way), I started writing again. I’ve written three more chapters (not SUB-chapters, but whole things!) in the past couple of weeks, but I need a reader. I can’t ask Kendall, because he spends literally all of his time doing his programming homework and doesn’t have the time to read through it. I have a few friends who have said that they’ll read it, but only after they finish what they’re reading at the moment. If I’d only written a few pages so far, they’d be more willing to put their own reading on hold, but considering I’ve got about 40 or so, they want to wait until they’re done with what they’re reading right now.

SO! I just need to know if anyone is willing to read what I’ve got! I am warning you, though, it’s a bit…transgressive. There’s a lot of violence, among other things (the intro and the first sub-chapter are about torture, murder and rape). Hell, most of the parts of the story concerning the one that got kidnapped are centred around the tortures that he is subjected to, and I have a sub-chapter about him at least once in every chapter. Although, coming up with the tortures are indeed pretty fun.

So, if anyone wants to read over what I’ve written and give me a good critique, please let me know! Include your e-mail and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible!


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