Just an update!

Well, Windows 7 is working out fairly well. I’m still noticing new drivers that didn’t install properly in the transition from XP (like the scroll thing on my touchpad), but I’ve been downloading them as they pop up and things are generally good all over. I still need a completely up to date video card driver, and will be extremely bored until I get one, but oh, well. I re-downloaded GuitarPro5 today and shall be playing with that non-stop for the next week or so.

I’ve been writing a lot in the last few weeks and am now four chapters in to part II of my book. I killed the main antagonist while at the same time, creating one far worse than the main antagonist ever could be. No details given, but let’s just say it was inspired a bit by Dante’s Inferno. Speaking of that, I need to see if the library has that book. CONVENIENCE! I am at the library now!

Ok, going to download more drivers now. Hoping everyone is enjoying themselves (and hoping a certain someone is having fun with her dulcimer! I want one of those, damnit!)


Good Things to Know

– B vitamins are excreted from the body daily, so if you’ve got a deficiency, it’s best to take two per day for the first week, so your body can re-regulate everything
– Oh, Sleeper is a great band. End of discussion.
– The new guy working in the music shop in Katoomba is kind of a douche. Not a lot, just kind of.
– My dad is a spy (possibly an assassin)

Thank you, that is all.

Much WTF

Well, to combat the dizziness, headaches and purple knuckles, I’ve started taking a vitamin B12 supplement. It works well for everything except the purple knuckles, which are still a constant worry to me, as well as my fingernails themselves.

I’m continually doing research on the things I experience with my own health (learning a lot about other things in the process and can now tell anyone what they need more of in their diet just by listening to them talking about what they feel like). The purple fingernails and knuckles are, of course a sign of oxygen deprivation, and we all know that I’ve had these breathing issues for so long, BUT! My breathing issues are all but gone! It makes no sense! It seems to be at random times that they’ll turn a darker purple, though, which just tells me that it’s all in my head. Right now, I’m at a library, where it is fairly warm, with a nice cool breeze blowing through. My knuckles are normal, but my fingernails are a darker purple than they were 15 minutes ago! When I next go outside, my knuckles will most likely turn purple, but my nails will stay the same colour!

What gets me the most, though, is that my toenails are still their normal colour, which makes absolutely no sense, because the blood gets to the fingernail beds before the toes! If any part of my body should have discolouration from lack of oxygen, it should start with my toes! Confusion amass.

Anyways, the library is closing, so off I go.

just a random update

I’m totally waiting for my library card right now. I’ll finally be able to get books and not get yelled at for reading four plus chapters while at the book store and actually finishing the book without buying it!**

My subconcious and my body are duking it out right now, all egged on be my concious brain. Because my subconcious is constantly sitting there going, “No, you really do have COPD”, my body is reacting as though I do. My concious brain, on the other hand, is completely aware that when I went to the hospital for shortness of breath, the doctors told me that I am one of the healthiest people that they’ve seen coming in for SoB. So, my brain and body are currently duking it out. My fingernails are going back and forth between a healthy pink and a rather unhealthy purple colour, as is the skin on my hands (knuckles, palms, and such). The one main thing that is really keeping me sane, besides Kendall, of course, is the fact that a lot of times, I’ll go to yawn, and without even taking a full breath (really just a tiny puff of an inhalation) and I’ll get that feeling of “I just took a complete breath”.

It’s really a very confusing and agitating process.

**I’ve done this twice, now…

Just an update

Preparing to hand in applications for two rental places. Stressed out of my fragging mind…

Anxiety is through the roof today. Having a hard time breathing. Wondering, yet again, if I’ve got emphysema or COPD. I don’t really think I do, though, because I’m not coughing up discoloured phlegm, it’s lumpy, but still clear. Thumb nails are purple, though, which concerns me. Kendall says that it’s just from the cold. Still purple when my hands are warm, though. Left hand little finger has been tingling non-stop for a few days, now. My brain feels heavy and I can’t seem to get enough sleep.

Posted all of Family Values on my DA page for everyone to read:

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Decided what I want to do with my future schooling career. Psychology. Mainly so I can look into my own self and figure out why I’m so goddamned insane.

Something worth checking out: The Human Abstract

Need a critique on my book!

Ok, so I’m writing a book. My followers from my previous blog have probably read the first four or so “sub-chapters” that I’ve re-written. The next fourteen were just copy-pasta’d back in, because they only needed a little bit of editing. After all of the editing and revising (I am a master of passive sentences…in both a good and bad way), I started writing again. I’ve written three more chapters (not SUB-chapters, but whole things!) in the past couple of weeks, but I need a reader. I can’t ask Kendall, because he spends literally all of his time doing his programming homework and doesn’t have the time to read through it. I have a few friends who have said that they’ll read it, but only after they finish what they’re reading at the moment. If I’d only written a few pages so far, they’d be more willing to put their own reading on hold, but considering I’ve got about 40 or so, they want to wait until they’re done with what they’re reading right now.

SO! I just need to know if anyone is willing to read what I’ve got! I am warning you, though, it’s a bit…transgressive. There’s a lot of violence, among other things (the intro and the first sub-chapter are about torture, murder and rape). Hell, most of the parts of the story concerning the one that got kidnapped are centred around the tortures that he is subjected to, and I have a sub-chapter about him at least once in every chapter. Although, coming up with the tortures are indeed pretty fun.

So, if anyone wants to read over what I’ve written and give me a good critique, please let me know! Include your e-mail and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible!